Megha International is an organization exporting dye intermediates, dyestuffs, reactive dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, solvent dyes, organic pigments, textile auxiliaries, corantes and colorantes to various countries across the globe.
Basic Dyes
Reactive Dyes
Food Colors
Natural Food Color
Solvent Orange Dyes 3
Solvent Brown 45
Direct Dyes
Acid Dyes
Vat Dyes
Mordant Yellow 3
Mordant Yellow 8
Mordant Yellow 12
Solvent Dyes
Dye Intermediate
Solvent Brown 41
Liquid Dyes
Direct Black 22
Salt Free Colour
Dyes for Ink
Direct Black 168
Direct Black 80
Paper Dyes
Direct Blue 71
Direct Blue 80
Direct Black 19
Direct Black 32
Direct Black155
Direct Black 165
Direct Black 166
Direct Black 170
Direct Black 179
Direct Red 31
Direct Violet 23
Direct Yellow11
Direct Yellow 12
Direct Green 89
Direct Green104
Direct Brown 95
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